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Chinese-Study Scholarship Program of University of Jinan

Chinese-Study Scholarship Program in UJN, 2010

What is CSSP?

The CSSP (Chinese-Study Scholarship Program) provides free tuition for international students to study Chinese for one year in University of Jinan. It has the following features:

(1) Applicants can study Chinese at an elementary, intermediate or advanced level, which depends on their knowledge of Chinese. No prior knowledge of Chinese is required.

(2) Student tutors (majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) will be arranged to help applicants with their Chinese language study for free.

What can we learn?

The details of the program are set as below:

(1) Chinese language courses, including grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing;

(2) Lectures on Chinese Traditional Culture;

(3) Face-to-face communication with Chinese students.

What are the advantages?

The CSSP will provide you with educational opportunities to:

(1) Improve your Chinese language proficiency;

(2) Learn Chinese traditional culture;

(3) Get a better understanding of modern China;

(4) Enrich your life experience.

Who can apply?

(1) Applicants must be in good health with no bad hobbies and records of crimes.

(2) Applicants should have senior high school graduation certificate or higher.

How to apply?

(1) Applicants need to fill the Application Form, and email it to the university together with resume, copy of passport and school certificate.

(2) Upon acceptance, the International Students Office will send the “Admission Notice” and the “Visa Application Form for Foreigners”(JW202) to the applicants for visa application.

How much do we need to pay?

Other fees (RMB) includes:

(1) Application Fee: 400

(2) Insurance Fee: 600/year

(3) Textbook: 500

(4) Accommodation

International Student’s Hostel 

Room Style


Fee (person/day)
Washroom, fridge, air-conditioner, telephone, Internet Interface, drinking water appliance
Suit for two persons
Washroom, fridge, air-conditioner, telephone, Internet Interface, drinking water appliance, sunny balcony


If you want to apply for scholarship of University of Jinan, please email us to admission@126.com, we will follow up with more information in 3 working days.


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