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China University of Political Science and Law
Zone:North China
Address:No.25 Xituchenglu, Beijing
Institution (Private/Public):Public
Year Founded:1952
Started Semester: September
School Advantages
1. A national key university focusing on Legal Science and covering Political Science, Literature, Historical Science, Philosophy, Economics, Management Science and other majors.

2. The highest institute for legal education in China and serves as an important base for fostering high-level political and legal talents in China.

3. Over 20,000 students are currently studying in CUPL with a teaching staff of more than 1690 members, including 510 professors/associate professors, 126 doctorate tutors and 420 master tutors.
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University Profile

China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) is a multi-disciplinary national “211 Project” key university,characterized by centering on law, accompanied with a variety of other disciplines such as literature, historiography,philosophy, economics, management and education.

In its 50 years’ development, CUPL has fostered more than 200 thousand graduates of different levels, taken part in virtually very legislation activities of the state since its foundation and led the jurisprudence theoretical innovation as well as the legal conceptual renewal of China, representing its international exchanges in the field of law.

At present, the university has 17 undergraduate disciplines,48 master’s degree conferring institutions, 19 Ph. D. conferring institutions and 2 post-doctoral research stations, forming the largest group of jurists in China. It currently has a faculty of 889 members, among which 141 are doctoral advisers, 577 are professors or associate professors.

The university has established international relationship with around 140 famous universities of more than 22 different countries or regions. Hundreds of teachers or students are sent abroad each year for study and exchange through various joint-education programs, and the pattern of fostering international legal talents has taken form.

At present, the university has formed a disciplinary system of complete range, rich content and distinct advantage. International students’ education scale expands from summer school for Chinese training, pre-degree education in China, medium/long-term Chinese and law study to the education for undergraduate, dual-degree bachelor, master and doctor. The university has long been engaged in global promotion of Chinese language and Chinese culture education to provide superior teaching resources and services, especially the Chinese law culture, for Chinese language learners.