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The HSK Scoring System

HSK (Basic) is a standardized test designed for beginners. It is most appropriate for those who have acquired 400-3000 basic Chinese words (referring to level A and B in the Outline of HSK Grammar).
  1. Function of the Certificate of HSK Basic:
  The Certificate of HSK Basic includes three levels, i. e. level A, B and C. (level A is the highest, equivalent to level C of the Certificates will be awarded to those who have secured the minimum required scores.
  The certificate of HSK Basic serves:
  (1) As a requirement to enter a college or university in China as an undergraduate student in the field of science, engineering, agriculture or Western medicine (Level A only).
  (2) To exempt students from taking certain language courses in China.
  (3) As an exemption of language testing for hiring decisions for positions requiring basic competence in Chinese.
  2. HSK (Basic) scoring system:
  (1) A sub score of HSK Basic is a graduated score ranging from 0 to 100 with 50 as the mean and 20 as the standard deviation. The total score, which is the sum of graduated scores for subs cores, is a graduated score ranging from 0 to 300. The scale subscores show the relative position of a candidate in a standard HSK Basic sample group. Table 1.1 gives the percentile of graduated subs cores. The second row indicates the percentage occupied by those whose scores are lower than the corresponding scores in the standard HSK Basic reference group.
  Table 1.1
  Subs core 100 76 67 60 55 50 45 40 33 24
  Percentage 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10
  Table 1.1 Percentile of subs cores of HSK Basic
  Table 1.1 Percentile of subs cores of HSK Basic
  Table 1.2
  Types and Grade
  Grade Level
  Score Range
  Level 1
  Table 1.2 HSK Types and Grades of the Basic Certificate
  (2)The type and grade of HSK Basic is based on the total score. Table 1.2 explains the type and grade of the certificate.
  (3) Requirements to obtain HSK Basic certificate
  The candidate must secure the total minimum score required for the corresponding level.