Brief Introduction

Shaoyang University, founded in 1958, is a public university approved by the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China with bachelor’s and master’s degree enrollment.

It is located in a famous historical and cultural city in Southwest Hunan—the city of Shaoyang, Hunan province. Shaoyang city has produced many celebrities such as the democratic revolutionist Cai E, the musician He Lvting and the great thinker Wei Yuan, the first person who advocated learning from the outside world in China. Lang Mountain, the national geological park, was included by the world UNESCO on the list of World Heritage sites for its beautiful scenery. Bamboo carving, hand puppet and Chinese New Year pictures, the non-material heritage, are all fabulous and gorgeous examples of local culture.

There are three campuses of this university including Liziyuan campus, Qiliping campus and Jiangbei campus. It covers an area of 1,136,000 square meters and the total building area amounts to 480,600 square meters. The total value of the teaching facilities amounts to 84,653,000 yuan. The library has a collection of 1,620,000 volumes, 2570 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals, several e-libraries, and computerized library management system.

There are four specialty construction bases of Ministry of Education, four provincial key disciplines during the period of 12th Five-Year Plan, three provincial key specialties and eight provincial specialties. In addition, there are four provincial social science research bases, one technology innovation team of Hunan higher education institution, one industry-university-institution demonstration base of Hunan higher education institution, seven provincial high-quality curricula, five provincial teaching groups, one national technology center run by the university and enterprises, five provincial technology centers, one national teaching practice base. Moreover, there are seven excellent provincial teaching practice bases, thirteen research institutions and 23 laboratories(including one provincial key laboratory of Hunan higher education institution, one provincial demonstration laboratory and one provincial demonstration teaching center) and 129 education practice bases. The university also has a high speed network with complete coverage.

Shaoyang University consists of 14 departments and offers 2 master degree programs in food engineering and mechanical engineering , as well as 53 bachelor degree programs in economics and trade, law, Chinese language literature, teaching Chinese as a foreign language, journalism, history, mathematics and applied mathematics, information and computing science, physics, chemistry, mechanical design manufacture and automation, vehicle engineering, measuring and control technology and instrument, thermal energy and power engineering, electric engineering and automation, electrical and information engineering, communication engineering, automation, computer science and technology, civil engineering, mapping engineering, chemical engineering and technology, food science and technology, bioengineering, digital media arts, horticulture, management science, accounting, human resource management, tourism management, marketing, music performance, musicology, dancing, dancing performance, fine arts, environment design.

There are ten disciplines covering economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art. The university enrolls students from 29 regions of the nation and has over 17976 full-time students.

The university boasts rich teacher resources with a faculty of 1150. There are 832 full-time teachers, of whom, 108 are professors and 253 are associate professors; 78 are doctors and 460 are masters. In the past five years, teachers of the university have presided in 685 national and provincial research projects, among which there are 5 national natural science fund projects, 10 national social science fund projects, 12 national education science planning projects and 10 key projects of Ministry of Education.

Teachers of the university have won 4 national teaching and scientific researching awards, 25 provincial and ministerial science research awards, 22 national patents. Four provincial project research achievements were adopted by government and relating companies, yielding direct economic benefit of RMB 55,200,000 yuan. The faculties of the university have published over 4,200 academic articles and papers, 1307 of which are published in national core journals, 413 of which are collected in international prestigious index system SCI, EI and ISTP. And 90 monographs are also published.

In addition, nine experts enjoy the special government allowance of the state council. The university has also employed 50 famous domestic experts and scholars to work as visiting professors.

Shaoyang University carries out international exchanges and cooperation actively, establishing various forms of cooperation and communication relationship with more than 10 countries, such as Great Britain, America, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Thailand. The international education programs cooperated between Wei Yuan International College and Anglia Ruskin University, Middlesex University in Great Britain and Swinburne University of Technology in Australia are widely praised. In 2012, Wei Yuan International College of Shaoyang University was authorized to enroll overseas students.

Shaoyang University continues to focus on the essence of its motto: “Virtue, Truth, Coexistence, Excellence” and adheres to the five principles to develop the university: “Quality, Reform, Talents, Specialty, Thrifty”. Great achievements have been made and widely reported by “Guangming Daily”, “Chinese Education Daily”, “Hunan Daily”, Hunan TV, Hunan Education TV and other media.

So far, Shaoyang University has run programs in partnership with Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, Middlesex University and Anglia Ruskin University in Great Britain. Through the international programs, education resources with high quality and advanced curriculum systems are introduced, aiming to cultivate overall-developed students under the integrated international teaching plan and education system. In addition, some original foreign teaching materials are adopted and incorporated with some major courses which are taught bilingually or by foreign teachers in English. Meanwhile, international exchange activities between domestic teachers and foreign ones are regularly held to improve the teaching standards.

In 2011, in order to improve the international education of the university, Wei Yuan International College was founded and, due to its efforts and some preferential policies of the university, the enrollment amounts to 783.