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Brief Introduction of BCCSC


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  Brief Introduction of BCCSC  

The establishment of BCCSC was announced, with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 26th, 1997. This day is set as the school's founding anniversary. The school formally opened on September 1st, 1997. Eleven years have past since then. The school has seen 8 batches of graduates and the ninth batch of students will graduate in this summer. There are now 36 classes in its high school, more than one thousand one hundred students.

Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada is a joint co-operative school in Beijing offering dual Chinese and Canadian High School Diploma. BCCSC high school students take integrated Chinese and English curricula and receive double diplomas upon graduation. Third year students will obtain a Chinese diploma upon successful completion of the national high school graduation exam.

Surrounded by newly-developed apartment buildings and villas, BCCSC is located in Conglin Zhuangyuan, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China. The school with 78610 square meters is an ideal place for studying, living, and recreation with its modern facilities including music hall, piano rooms, picture gallery, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, swimming pool, soccer field, a library with a rich collection, classroom building, lab building, lab, internet center, computerized language lab, computer labs and more. The school utilizes the latest digital network technology, with software and hardware being updated on an on-going basis.

Francis Pang, Paul Matin, WEN Jiabao Chairman Francis Pang received 'the Great Wall Friendship Award'  awarded by Beijing Municipal Government Dr. Francis Pang & Prime Minister WEN Jiabao

In January 2008, BCCSC implemented/applied 'Smart Board' technology throughout the school thus making all Chinese and Canadian teaching courses readily available to all, over the net- a first in China. Also implemented was a class to class net system.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper took group photo with Dr. Francis Pang
& Mr. Andy Truong (Executive Director of BCCSC) on his first official visit to China

The teachers and staff of BCCSC are from China and Canada. Top Chinese instructors and staff are selected from across China, so that the teaching quality matches that of top national schools. The Canadian Principal and instructors are selected and certified by the N.B. Department of Education. The Canadian Principal is responsible for the management of the students’ Canadian curriculum and diplomas.


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