The Educational Philosophy
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The Educational Philosophy

Being the important base of Beijing Normal University for research and reform in fundamental education, the school adopts the philosophy of “Implementing the Educational Policies of the State Thoroughly, Facing to All Students, Prioritizing the Overall Well-being of Students”, It implements the educational concepts of “Culticating Students, Serving Society, Pursuing Development, and Having the Courage to Make Innovation”. In accordance with these concepts, the school formulates its motto as “Virtue, Erudition, Beauty, Innovation”, and establishes an administrative model as “Research as a Forerunner, Teaching and Education as a Core, Logistic as Guarantee, and Quality Control”.
Under the new situaton, the school will further implement the State’s educational policies and the school’s qualities control policies. It will also follow the scientific laws of education, and provide an overall competence education. With the leadship of Beijing Normal University and the Education Commission of Xicheng District, the school will push forward its innovations in teaching and education. Based on its students and staff, based on promoting the school’s healty and harmonious development, the school will make great effort to be professional in teaching and education, ourstanding in management, large in scale, and influential as a base of fundamental education both in the world and in China.