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Bejing Shunyi Cangshang Elementary School was founded in June, 1994. There are 15 teaching classes, more than 400 pupils, 45 teaching and administrative staff. Verified by the education commission of Beijing, has obtained the foreign student's qualification to recruit returned elementary school students, have established foreign students’ " Chinese Department ".

Our school’s teaching thought is “Excellent”, That is to say “showpiece” education concept, elaborative education management, remarkable teaching teams, nice teaching conditions, best teaching quality. Our school’s teachers are very outstanding. There are 52% teachers have graduated from various universities, 100% teachers have Junior college’s certificate. Among our city and district there are backbone teachers which occupied 24% in our school. We are the pioneer of the whole district. Over 86% of its teachers have won different kinds of prizes in Young Teachers Contests. More than 60 lessons have been called excellent lessons, more than 100 teaching papers have beenpublished on many sorts of books, newspapers and magazines.

Although the school has only been operating for nearly 11 years, it has some remarkable achievements in it’s portfolio; over one thousand students have made tremendous improvements in their overall studies, in personal behavior, self management and have developed a capacity to adjust themselves to a new environment. A number of students have also won prizes in national competitions in various subjects including composition , handwriting, art and English. We have also some talented teachers who have made remarkable accomplishments in nation-wide teaching research and earned some very laudable comments. These achievements have been reported in both the local and national media: Shunyi Daily, the local Shunyi TV. We have many first things in our district, for example : the first computer room, the first dancing room, labor room. We are the high standard public school to apply teaching in small class setting completely.

To achieve this we have created a beautiful and refined school campus, an environment where the staff can operate at peak efficiency creating a sincere and friendly atmosphere for both students and colleagues alike. It is where every student can learn to be a true person, to seek knowledge wisely, to learn how to live, to appreciate beauty and how to become creative. Welcometoour school.