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Qualification of Applicants

Any foreign student aged 12-16 who is holding the valid passport of a foreign country and can abide by Chinese laws and regulations is eligible for the application for Admission to Beijing No.25 Middle School. The applicant must be in good health, have achieved good academic results in his/her previous school and have the legal guardian in Beijing during his/her study period at Beijing No. 25 Middle School.

2. Application Method

Application should be made at the school’s Admission Office.

3. Materials for Application

  1. The filled-out Application Form.(The form can be downloaded from school’s website.)
  2. The applicant’s passport and its photocopy as well as Visa and its duplicate
  3. The transcript from the previous school and one photocopy. If you apply for Chinese training courses in our school you need provide language class Recommended List (The Recommended List can be downloaded from school’s website).
  4. Attach to the Application Form 2 recent 2-inch colored photos with Blue Background.
  5. The Guardian’s Letter of Guarantee. (The form can be downloaded from school’s website.).
  6. The photocopy of the ID card of the student’s guardian.

Note: Any of the following personal can act as the foreign student’s guardian
a. A registered permanent Beijing resident. (Need to submit the photocopy of the ID card).
b. A Chinese citizen residing in Beijing. (Need to submit the photocopy of the ID card and the over-one-year temporary residence permit in Beijing).
c. A foreign adult (not a student) who has one year or the over-one-year residence permit in Beijing. (Need to submit the Passport with one photocopy of the first page and the valid residence permit.)