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2016 Study MBBS in China

    MBBS Introduction

    Why Choose China to Study MBBS

    Why Choose Us to Apply for China MBBS Universities

Choose the Optimal University

    - Zhejiang University

    - Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    - Jilin University

    - Zhengzhou University

    - Dalian Medical University

    - Wuhan University

    - Hebei Medical University

    - Nanjing Medical University

    - Yangzhou University

    - Jiangsu University

    - Central South University

    - Southeast University

    - Guangxi Medical University

    - Yangtze University

    - Ningbo Univeristy

    - Jiamusi University


    - Study MBBS in China

    - Top 10 Reasons to Study MBBS in China

    - 2016 MBBS Spring Intake Admission Open in China Universities

    - The First MBBS Graduates in Zhejiang University

    - 2012 TOP 10 MBBS University with Best Teaching Quality


    - Which University is recognized by PMDC?

    - Can I stay in China or work in other countries after I graduate from China?

    - Can I transfer to another university after I study in China?

    - Must I study Chinese language if I choose MBBS English-Medium course?

    - General cost for MBBS Course?

    - I am a Muslim student, so university got some Muslim restaurant?